I Wore A White Shirt

white shirt

The Black Shirt Project is doing pretty well, and I am pretty much happy with how it is going.

Since the last wardrobe audit where I pointed out that I am already at 40% black shirt on my closet, I can confidently say that since then, the percentage has gone up.

I did not purchase any new clothes, though.

It just so happened that when I took that picture and did the audit, I had a few of my black clothes in the laundry.

I wasn’t able to include them in the count. That’s why the percentage is undoubtedly much higher now.

I will give an update soon.

Anyway, this post is not really about that.

When Not to Wear Black

This post is really about an additional rule that I failed to mention in my last post.

That is all the instances when I would “not” wear black.

Yes. I specifically mentioned in my rules that I am allowed to wear non-black shirts when I am at home.

But, I failed to consider the times that I am ‘required’ to wear non-black shirts outside of the house.

Last week’s event was one of them.

I Wore a White Shirt

I attended a friend’s wedding last week.

I am not sure if any weddings have pure black as their motif. But, I was pretty sure that I would be wearing something that is non-black.

Sure enough, the motif was champagne and a bit of white.

So, I went the easy route and chose the opposite of black — I wore white.

I did this out of respect of course.

I don’t have to force my personal ‘projects’ in important events like this.

So, I am adding this rule.

The Exception to the Rule

When I attend important events that require a specific color for a motif, I have to follow that motif and wear the appropriate color.

That was why on that day — I wore white.

I am expecting to have more of these events in the future.

But, I am pretty sure a lot of them I can do away with still wearing black. 😂

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