When things don’t work out well

Tonight has been nothing but stressful.

My allergies started acting up. It has been a while since these allergic rhinitis attacks happened to me. I have been sneezing for hours now. And, like always, this affects my mood, health, and productivity. I have been so sluggish.

And, when I thought the night could not get rough, our air conditioning unit broke down. It is still usable, though. But water is leaking from it. And, it is so annoying that I must wait days for the technician to get here.

After a few minutes of trying to manage that problem, our router is also acting up. It just stopped working. Great. Now, I have to do some networking besides being an air conditioning unit technician and managing my allergies.

And I’ve also been having problems setting up my new phone. Oh well.

It has been a long night indeed.

But I will sleep this off.

Tomorrow, I am going to find solutions for each one of them.

That is what life is about anyway. There are challenges, problems, and obstacles. But, what matters is that when things don’t work out well, you figure it out and bounce back stronger from it.

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