Wardrobe Audit (40 Percent)

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The first step to making The Black Shirt Project successful is to be aware of where I am currently at.

How many black shirts do I already have?

How many non-black shirts do I still have?

Am I really willing to let go of all these good shirts I currently have?

In my project introduction, I have set the goal to make 90% of my wardrobe all black.

But, I realized that I do have to set some more project rules.

The Black Shirt Project Rules

I only have 2 simple rules for now.

  1. I am allowed to wear non-black shirts at home.

At home, I should be free to wear anything I want. This is also the reason why my goal is just 90%. The remaining 10% would be my very comfortable shirts at home. They don’t have to be black.

  1. My black shirts would fall under 3 types: casual, semi-formal, and formal.

The casual shirts would be my everyday go-to shirts. They are plain, black cotton T-shirts that are comfortable to wear.

The semi-formal shirts are polo shirts that would most likely be worn every Sunday at church and maybe occasional meetups and gatherings.

That’s it.

I’m just going to keep a mental note of these rules or go back to this blog post anytime.

Wardrobe Audit

Now that I got those additional rules out of the way, I will start this project by auditing my current wardrobe.

I have to know exactly where I am starting this project.

Looking at my shirts, I can roughly say that I am around 40% with this project.

This is actually even better than I expected!

I thought I was only at 10%.

I am off to a great start and will do my best until I achieve the goal. 🙂

Moving Forward

I will keep doing audits like this one from time to time.

That way I could see the milestones as I achieve the 90% goal.

If you have suggestions on how I could execute this project better, please let me know in the comments.

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