The Innocence of Babies

Earlier today, I had this struggle of feeding my baby with a bottle.

He is transitioning from full breast feeding to bottle feeding because the wife is about to go back to work.

He was so fussy. He cried for more than hour. He literally was annoyed at me until he fell asleep.

I must admit. That hurt me a bit. My heart can’t take seeing my baby cry that much. But, it had to be done.

In my mind, I was thinking “Is he mad at me now?,” “Could this be traumatic for him?,” “Would he not go anywhere near me in the next few days?”

But, at night when he woke up he saw me and gave me this really big smile.

His smile showed how comfortable he is with daddy around. That warmed my heart and it took away all the worries I had after struggling and semi-fighting with him to feed from the bottle.

I love how kids innocently and objectively look at the world.

I may have done things that he didn’t like (e.g. forcing him to drink from the bottle) — and he cried a lot for it. But, in the end he still knew that I was his daddy and that didn’t change the way he looks at me.

I wish grown-ups would think more like kids. The world would become a much better place.

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