Online Shopping

online shopping

The progress of my Black Shirt project has been so slow.

Right now, I am still at around 70%.

That’s because I have always been a lazy shopper.

I do not like spending hours strolling around the mall to find the right shirt.

Going inside fitting rooms trying multiple outfits is also really not my thing.

But, I have to — if I want to finish this project.

So I had to figure out a better way.

Good thing it turns out that there is indeed a better way.

Buying Shirts Online

Most of the shops usually just found inside malls are now online.

I can now buy shirts with just a few taps of my phone.

There is no need to spend time and energy going to the mall, finding the right shirt, and not buying anything.

It’s even much more of a hassle to go inside of malls these days as we are required to wear face masks and face shields.

Now, I can do everything even while I am lying on my bed.

Trial and Error

The only challenge I found with buying shirts online is the fact that sizes differ from brand to brand.

Obviously, I cannot “try on” a shirt and see if it perfectly fits.

So, it all comes down to trial and error.

These merchants put dimensions in these shirts. They give me an idea if they fit me or not.

However, the only way to figure out if they are the right size is to purchase them.

That’s exactly what I did.

lazada online shopping

I bought two as a start to see if these specific shirt brands and types would fit me well. (I also added a pair of jeans to complete the whole look).

When the shirts arrived, they fit perfectly!


Now that I’ve found my perfect fit online, it’s just a matter of buying the same shirts over and over again – if my budget permits.

This process of shopping and buying shirts online is how I plan to scale and eventually complete my Black Shirt project. We’re almost there at 100%.

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