Intermittent Fasting Project

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It is the holiday season of 2020.

My wife and I are at the mall to buy some groceries.

We just had a weekend of munching on Christmas food. But, here we are now buying stuff for more food again.

It’s always unending groceries when it’s the Christmas season. Plus the gifts, of course.

Anyway, I just feel like the holiday season is a great excuse to eat more.

Medium Size

While my wife is doing the groceries, I decided to go to the department store.

I will buy a shirt instead. A black shirt, to be specific. (See my black shirt project for context).

As I am going through the racks of shirts in the store, I immediately choose shirts that are small in size.

“This has always been my size,” I thought.

I try to fit the “small” shirts in the fitting room.

To my surprise, this size does not fit me anymore.

Oh no.

So, I go a size higher. I return the small shirts and exchange them for ‘medium’ ones.

These Medium shirts now fit perfectly fine.

It suddenly hit me. I am now officially a Medium.

I just realized that I have gotten bigger in the last year. I have not been taking good care of my health.

I may have enjoyed my marriage too much that exercise and fitness have taken a backseat.

This is why I am taking a small step to fix that.

Intermittent Fasting Project

I want this year to be a healthier year than the previous one.

My first project related to health for this year would have to be Intermittent Fasting.

I do not want to go all-in on exercising. It’s probably not even safe to go back to the gym just yet.

I just want to fix my diet first.

I didn’t even think about changing my food to healthy food. At least not yet.

I am just building a small habit that can lead to bigger ones later on.

Specifics of the Project

I will be doing the 16:8 fasting.

This means I will fast for 16 hours and have an 8-hour window for eating.

I can only drink water and black coffee for those 16 hours.

I am by no means an expert in health and fitness. I just know that this is “healthy,” and it works. I’ve tried this before. It worked wonders. But, I was not able to sustain it.

As a start for this project, I will do intermittent fasting again for 30 days straight.

I will see how it goes from there.

I will document the whole experience as much as I can.

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