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The Bookworm Project

Reading is one of my favorite past time hobbies.

I found that it is a great way to tickle my mind and broaden its understanding of the world.

Every time you read about an author’s experience or imagination, it’s like taking a peek into his brain.

Not to mention all the new information you get along the way.

I’ve read several books in the past.

But, there is one thing I haven’t tried yet.

That is writing down my takeaways.

Whether it is in a notebook or a blog, it has never really occurred to me.

This is why I cannot even remember the titles of a number of the books I have read all these years.

So, I decided to take on a new project.

The Bookworm Project

This project was born out of the frustration of all the lost knowledge I wasted in the last few years.

I am calling this The Bookworm Project.

As we know, a bookworm is someone who enjoys and devotes himself to reading.

This is essentially what the project is all about.

I am just sharing my love of reading with everyone.

What is the goal of the project?

The goal of the project is simple.

I should be able to read at least one book a month.

Every time I finish reading one, I should write down some key takeaways from the book.

That’s it.

I will just start with one book a month. Then, we evolve from there.

What genres will I read?

I do not have any specific genre in mind.

I will pick whatever book I like at the moment.

But, for transparency, my preferred genres are: personal improvement, leadership, Christian and biographies.

Just mentioning those because these genres might dominate the pattern of my book choices.

Let’s get started!


The next time I write about this project, I will share my takeaways from the last book I read.

Until then.

Feel free to share book recommendations in the comments.

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