The Black Shirt Project

black shirt project

Let me kick off this blog with a project I have already started working on.

I am calling it The Black Shirt Project.

The idea is simple and you have probably seen it done several times usually by CEOs and influential people.

For this project, I am deciding to simplify and minimize my wardrobe to just one color — that is black.

I started thinking about doing this ever since I saw Steve Jobs sporting the same turtleneck, whitewashed jeans and New Balance sneakers every time he introduces an Apple product on stage.

Then, I saw Mark Zuckerberg do the same with only gray shirts. So, I did some more research about it.

Turns out simplifying your wardrobe like this is beneficial for these reasons:

  1. It eliminates the paradox of choice — a theory by Barry Schwartz that proposes too many choices limits freedom.
  2. It saves time. Have you ever been late because you had to pick the best outfit to wear? Having basically the same choice of wardrobe won’t give you this problem.
  3. One less decision to make. Removing the decision of “what to wear” gives you one less thing to worry about.

These reasons got me doing this project.

My goal is to make 90% of my wardrobe all black!

For this project, I will:

  • Do an inventory of my wardrobe.
  • Start buying black shirts and documenting the whole process.
  • Get rid of old shirts.
  • Track the completion and making sure there is progress.

Here’s to hoping that this project will make my life better.

That may sound like a stretch. But, saving time and having less stress are 2 of my biggest priorities at this stage of my life.

I hope you can join me in this project.

Your help and suggestions are very much welcome too.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts.

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