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Carlo Borja

I am Carlo Borja. A remote worker, online marketing specialist, youth pastor, coffee junkie and more.

I have been in the online marketing space since 2009. My work revolves around content marketing and SEO.

Currently, I am leading the online marketing team for Time Doctor. You can visit my Linkedin and Company Blog to give you an idea of my career in the last decade.

But, enough of that.

This blog is not really about my career and accomplishments.

I decided to create this blog as an accountability tool to help me accomplish more.

Like my work, I believe the best way to do that is to go through life one project at a time.

Throughout the course of this blog you would see me posting stuff about projects I would like to tackle.

These projects would range from personal improvement, life goals to career advancement.

I’d love to make you part of this journey.

The more people who get to see this, the more I will feel accountable to making all these projects work!

See you around! 🙂