3-Day Weekend

Right now, people are talking about the possibility of a 4-day workweek and how removing one work day can make workers feel more productive.

I get it and I really like the idea.

However, I think it might be better if we call it a 3-day weekend instead.

That way, we focus more on the weekend benefit instead of the workday grind.

It helps shift our mindset to that work-life balance we are aiming to achieve with this whole change.

Rest, health and relaxation should come as a priority over work.

Here is how I propose we use that 3-day weekend by the way.

Day 1 – Household chores and groceries. After a whole week of work, you got to take care of the house.

Day 2 – Family and community time. We need to spend time with people who support and care for us. This could be church time as well.

Day 3 – “Me” time. Your hobbies. Your health. Your wellbeing. Your peace of mind. Whatever it is. Own it.

The third one is what we most neglect. That’s why this world is more stressed than ever.

I think it is about time we change it.

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